Learn To Sit

This is a beginner meditation designed to guide you and give you practical skills to calm your mind and get centered. Perfect for anyone curious about meditation or wanting the benefits without a religious element.

Guided by Kirby Criddle.

Kirby Criddle (Daya Narayan Kaur) is a musician, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation + Yoga-Nidrā instructor, holistic healthcare practitioner with a focus on energy and plant-based medicine, and co-founder of GreatFull. In 2008, she completed her first RYT200 with Jan Henrikson of Sacred Ground/JOOS Yoga, and has studied with many teachers since then, including Brenda Feuerstein, Sadhguru, and Gansham Kaur. She lives with her partner and children in Saskatoon, and when not teaching or working at GreatFull, Kirby can be found treating clients at Illuminara Wellness, her community focused wellness initiative + holistic healthcare clinic.