Cocoa Butter Coffee Mental Superfood Truffles

Cocoa Butter Coffee Mental Superfood Truffles

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Cacao Cashew Butter Mental Superfood Chocolate Truffles by Brainbow

Our ode to an iconic duo: chocolate and coffee. Pairs perfectly with blank canvases, knocking things off your to-do list, or typing at a breakneck pace.

Cocoa butter and cashews bring the creamy texture, cacao, coffee and vanilla bring the lush flavor and adaptogens make it all. flow.

Traditionally, medicinal mushrooms are known to help keep your immune system in balance when it's under stress - but they are also prized for their innate ability to support cognitive function. Our chocolate truffles contain an expertly crafted blend of four functional adaptogenic fungi and herbs, resulting in a recipe specifically designed to promote mental performance.

A legendary mushroom revered as a tonic for endurance, libido and increasing respiratory power.
Helps support: 
+ Energy
+ Stamina

Known as the king of medicinal mushrooms - an immune system tonic that is super dense in antioxidants.
Helps support:

+ Lower inflammation
+ Lower blood sugar and LDL levels

Lion's Mane
This gentle super-mushroom is a natural nootropic known to look after the overall health of our brain. 
Helps support:
+ Memory
+ Concentration

Gingko Biloba
A super-plant popular for its antioxidant-containing properties and ability to promote blood flow.
Helps support:
+ Mental alertness
+ Focus