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Mantra Necklace

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Mantra Necklace by Zaleska Jewelry

The Mantra Necklace is a manifestation of three personal statements that carry me throughout my day. These prompt me to remain present, be soft with myself, and lead with compassion. 

I am here. I am whole. I am loved. 

Representing this mantra are three marquise-cut moonstones. The female energy of moonstone is deeply connected to self, no matter what gender you identify as. Generations of the divine feminine spirit are woven within your physical body and you have the ability to call on this serene and influential energy for guidance during moments of stillness. 

Gold vermeil necklace featuring three faceted marquise-cut rainbow moonstones.

  • Sterling silver pendant

  • 20" sterling silver chain with 2" extender

  • Sterling silver spring clasp

  • All plated with 18K gold

  • Handmade - please wear with care

Moonstone stimulates the divine and intuitive feminine power rooted within each of us. This magical stone invites us to free dive into self-discovery, passion and healing. It is a talisman for the inward journey and helps recalibrate the energetic vibrations of the body, which creates a lasting connection to one’s spiritual self. 

Gold vermeil is an overlay of gold over a base of sterling silver and requires special care. To extend the life of your gold vermeil jewelry, remove when washing hands, showering, applying lotions or perfumes, using harsh cleansers, or working out. Always store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably in individual air-tight bags. Do not use chemical jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths on gold vermeil jewelry.

Gold vermeil jewelry will inevitably fade to a warm silver or a light 10K gold colour. This is the nature of plated jewelry. The rate of wear depends on care, climate and individual body chemistry, and may vary greatly on a case by case basis. As rings are worn on the hand, and are exposed to more frequent rubbing, they will often age more quickly than necklaces or earrings. We do not offer re-plating of our gold vermeil designs and all sales of gold vermeil jewelry are final.