Larvikite + Black Onyx Mala

Larvikite + Black Onyx Mala

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Larvikite + Black Onyx Mala by Salt + Sage

Larvikite, also known as black moonstone, is said to enhance and stimulate one's inner vision. It is a very protective and grounding stone that can help us connect with the energy of the earth. It has been said to increase the trust we have in our own abilities and intellect, allowing us to be attracted to what we truly desire. 

Onyx is a root chakra stone of protection. It helps with grounding, controlling and eliminating excess and/or unwanted energies. It can assist with challenges in life by increasing emotional and physical stamina.

This mala is made with 6mm semi precious gemstone beads strung on a silk cord.

The spacers are 14k gold fill + Japanese glass seed beads.

The evil eye charm is 14k gold plated on sterling silver.

Because of the small variations that occur naturally in gemstones, each piece is unique.