Sheba Necklace | Silver + Labradorite

Sheba Necklace | Silver + Labradorite

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Sheba Necklace | Silver + Labradorite by Zaleska Jewelry

Sheba was a ruler of an ancient kingdom whose people worshipped the sun, planets, moon, and stars. Her authentic identity is historically complicated, but her influence spans from India to the southern Arabian desert, where groups of women have developed a female dialect unintelligible to outsiders inspired by her legacy.

The consciousness of the Queen of Sheba is one that honours a respect for femininity and Mother Nature. She calls us to commit to the definition of a woman: capable, spiritual, courageous and loving.

Sterling silver necklace featuring a faceted D-shaped labradorite.

  • Sterling silver setting

  • 16" sterling silver chain with 2" extender

  • Sterling silver spring clasp

  • Handmade - please wear with care

Labradorite balances the aura, raises consciousness, and protects your energy from other people. This stone is excellent for sustaining one’s intuition and alertness to synchronicities. Wearing labradorite amplifies positive affirmations, strengthens faith in one’s self, and reminds us to trust the flow of the universe.

Because labradorite varies greatly in colour, the stone you receive will be unique to your necklace.