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Womb Stick

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Womb Stick by WooWoo Laboratory

Wombcare is an overlooked area of women’s wellness. Wise women have long considered the womb (uterus) the centre of a women's energy and creativity. When used in tandem with abdominal massage, Womb Stick helps you to reclaim womb vitality and leaves you feeling soothed, nurtured and attuned to your feminine essence, creativity and power. 

  • Potent, supercritical plant extracts of arnica and german chamomile flower soothe tension and soreness.
  • Clary sage and sweet marjoram oils balance emotions and release misaligned creative feminine energy.

This nourishing formula may be used at any phase in your cycle, and especially recommended when experiencing discomfort and cramping associated with menstruation, pelvic inflammation, postpartum contractions, or loss. 


Push tube up from bottom. Swipe directly across abdomen and low back and gently massage in a clockwise direction. Use 2-4 x daily. Do not use if pregnant.